Don’t expect your customers to speak robot.
Teach your enterprise application to speak human.

Omega for enterprise is an A.I. platform which was built to be conversational & contextual. It is a voice-first A.I. platform that delivers natural and engaging user experiences for organizations of any size.

Omega delivers natural and intuitive interactions by leveraging multiple data points and rich context to create impactful benefits for organizations. This includes time savings, cost reduction, reduced churn, increased ARPU, and uncovered insights that lead to new revenue streams.

The Omega platform is device and channel agnostic making voice, text, and rich customer experiences accessible whenever and wherever your customers are and via the best interaction model for each customer’s needs.

Omega’s core components consist of advanced Natural Language Understanding capabilities, contextual deep learning, a conversational engine, automatic speech recognition, and text to speech technologies. On top of this flexible foundation sits a series of pluggable modules that can enhance the Omega experience with a personality, opinions, chat bots and even custom domains that can bring enterprise data and services to the Omega platform.

We are currently serving companies within the technology, healthcare, financial services and insurance industries.

Please contact our enterprise team for more information and to learn how Omega can teach your enterprise applications to speak like a human.